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  • Zineb Sedira, Maritime Chronicles

    Preview 5th June 2014 h. 6.30 pm

    6th June - 19th July 2014

    Text by Yasmina Reggad


    Ricardo Crespi Gallery presents Maritime Chronicles, a solo show by international London-based artist Zineb Sedira.

    Ricardo Crespi Gallery is thrilled to present Zineb Sedira with her first solo show in Milan which will showcase recent video and photography works.

    In Maritime Chronicles, recent bodies of work by Sedira cast their gaze upon the sea of Marseille, France and Nouadhibou, Mauritania. Featuring photography and video installations, the exhibition speaks of transitional existences and liminal spaces, as well as addresses environmental, geographical and cultural mobility issues. Negotiating between both past and future, she also presents different methodologies to address the issues of transmission, memories and legacy.

    Over the fifteen years of her practice, Sedira has enriched the debate around the concepts of modernism, modernity and its manifestations in an inclusive way. She has also raised awareness of artistic expression and the contemporary experience in North Africa. She found inspiration initially in researching her identity as a woman with a singular personal geography. From these autobiographical concerns she gradually shifted her interest to more universal ideas of mobility, memory and transmission. Sedira has also addressed environmental, geographical and cultural issues, negotiating between both past and future. Using portraits, landscapes, language and archival research, she has developed a polyphonic vocabulary, spanning fiction, documentary and more poetic and lyrical approaches. Sedira has worked in installation, photography, film, video and she has recently returned to object-making.